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Courchevel & Einsiedeln (17.8.2011):

This 2 stations in Summer GP wasn´t the best for me. I was already feeling sick in Courchevel, the same than in Switzerland. I can´t give me best in the jumps, i was feeling very low. So there was no chance for me to get any points or an good result. I think that was one reason why it was so difficult for me. 
Yesterday, back at home, i felt better. And now its feel just normal, when i was training. So now i´m looking forward to the SGP in Hakuba next week.



My trainings goes very well, its nice to have energy again for it. Sure i think i´m 100% healthy again and i´m feeling powerfull. As long as i feel good there are no problems.
We had yesterday the first competition in Lahti and my first jump wasn´t good. But the second was a bit better and i´m quite happy with my result, and sure its good for my self confidence! Now its good to continue forward.




At the Finnish Championship it would have been possible to gone in Top 3 with a little bit more of luck. But 4th place is not bad for end of (my short) season. 

I trained very hard in the last months, also because of that was it in Rovaniemi such a good result for me. But i was still very focused already to the next season. And that was a good decision to start to focus to the next season and skip all other competitions. Because when now the official training starts for next season, I dont have to start from the bottom. 



I had quite a hard training session before Finnish Championships ( there was a few harder weeks at home, trainingscamp in Norway, tests in windtunnel etc), what i also felt in my body. So jumping wasnt so easy as it is, when you are be rested.
So....hmm...8th place...it could have been even worse if i add earlier that i used also training suit (which is isnt in the best shape after more than 300 jumps), because my suits for competitions wasnt  ready yet.
So let´s say that i dont have to be worried or sad about this 8th place, so everything looks fine at the moment.



Today was a really positive day for me! My jump in qualification gave me a good feeling for the competition. I didn´t have the same problems like yesterday in my jumps, so thats the reason why my jumps are steady today.
I´m really happy about the 20. place and my first points in SGP. This day give me a lot of confidence for the next days! 


Wisla - after competition(20.8.2010):

Today i was still a little bit "sleepy" on the table. And in competition there was this old problem that i have in my run position, it wasn´t like as it should be..
But tomorrow is a new day, I have to think like that...


Wisla - after Quali(20.8.2010):

My feeling after Qualification is great, i didn´t make the same mistakes like in the jumps before. The quali also gave me a lot of information about my equipment, what i testing this days.
I´m really looking forward the competition today! 




I got new eqiupments before SGP. So I was testing it all the time to find the right balance with my jumps, settings and also to be confident to new things.  
Jumping at the moment is some like fifty-fifty...not bad but also not so good like i want it! There is still a lot to do, expecially my timing is sometimes lost on the table... I´m little bit to late...maybe because of testing. I have to stop thinking about all this things, then it will get better...


Finnjumping Tour(July 2010):

Kuopio wasn't very good for me. In Vuokatti there was a few good jumps but then in the second round was not so good...I don't want to speak about wind, but it was like lottery  

I have now little brake from jumping, i will do other trainings. Next week we will go back to hill and training here in Kuopio. We'll see what happend after that, but it looks like that I will start in SGP after Hinterzarten.




Bad Mitterndorf(8.-10.01.10):

This weekend was time for skiflying! My jumps and also my feeling would have been even a little bit better  

But at least I didn't do my best jumps in the last 2 weeks... I know I can jump much better cause trainings and I know that those jumps will come also to competitions...
I just have to believe myself and what I'm doing and I trust the good jumps will come when it's time...


4 Hill Tournament(31.12.-6.01.10):

Garmisch was quite positeve start for me!
If I could have one more training jump in Innsbruck, I think results would have been different...
We had training next day and all my jumps was very good, but somehow I couldn't make those kind of jumps in Bischofshofen... Maybe I would try too much, so thats why I haven´t the best results from there...



Kuusamo is always very difficult for me and I don't like the hill at all... But points from there was a very good start in this season!



Weeked in Zakopane was pretty rewarding for me..first WC-points and lot of more self-confidence. The atmosphere was unbeliavable there and I really enjoied.
Now I have new chance to jump in WC...on Wednesday I will go to Sapporo and I really looking forward to that. After that we will have Finnish Championships in Lahti(4.2).

Hopefully my next competitions after that is in Germany but we'll see. I just try to do my best and live one day at the time



My jumping level was better in Vikersund than in Rovaniemi, but that irritates me that I didn't manage to make two good jumps in the same competition. But main thing is that jumps getting better. I have to do to find steadiness to my jumps witch give me more self-confidence and that way it's much easier to success in competitions...



After Ruka I didn't have chance to make any jumping trainings before official training in Rovaniemi. So I wasn't sure what to expect. Anyway I did lot of alternative trainings so I knew what are the main things to focus on. I succeed to make few basic jumps in Rovaniemi but also few where was more enthusiam than sense ...but still better than in Ruka.

Then in the short time I decided to go to Vikersund, where was competitons on the same week. 



The season has been started now and I hope the hard work of the summer will be rewarded during the winter.
Ruka was a big disappointment to me..maybe I wanted to show my skills too much and I even forget all the basic things But next week(continental cup in Rovaniemi) I have new chance to do only that what I can and nothing else if I succeed in it I know it will be seen also in the results.


After Veikkaus Tour (12.7-17.7.08):

I had big problems with my technique in those "Finlandia Veikkaus Tour" competitions and that why the jumps was so terrible and thats why no chance to be admitted to the team to SGP. But now all is clear and jumping is back to "normal level". There are still SGP competition left this summer and i try to do everything as good as possible to make my jumps even better.
I hope that everything goes well and i get the chance to show my skills and enjoy jumping in SGP still in this summer.


Next Competition  
  19. November Rovaniemi (FIN) COC  
Last Competition  
  27.8.11 Habuka, SGP

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