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Kai can´t compete the last and next days in Conti Cup, because of his illness. But he try to start his training again this week...


Today was the Qualification for tomorrows WC-competition in Kuopio. Kai´s jump at 101,5 m wasn´t enough to get the "ticket" for competition in his hometown. Because he was 41th...which is the first place of the "losers of the day"...


It´s only a few days until the Season starts in Kuusamo. But Kai must watch it on TV, he is still a bit sick. But there is hope that he can jump a few days later at his homehill in Kuopio.  




Today were are the Finnish Championships, who are every year in Lahti. Kai was jumping 116m and 115,5m and was at a good 8th place of all Finnish Skijumpers! 


Kai has used all chances today! In Qualifikation he was with 120m at 2. place!! Only Robert Kranjec was better...
So Kai was the first jumper in 1th round of competition. His jumps today was all on the same good level, so he was with 119,5m after 1th round at an really great 16. place! 
The last jump in Wisla show´s how steady he is at the moment. In the end Kai was with 118m in finalround at place 20! A really hopefully and great result!  


Kai´s  jump in trailround was on a good level with 120m. But he can´t take this jump in competitionround. There he was with only 116,5m at place 42...

Tomorrow will be the second competition of Wisla with new chances...


His 2 trainingjumps today in Wisla was ok and like on the same level ( 113m & 109m) and has given Kai enough confidence for the qualifikation round. 
Kai was jumping good 117.5m in qualifikation. So he will be jump in the first competition of Wisla tomorrow.


Kai was today in Einsiedeln in the SGP competition with 103m at place 38.


The Skijumpers was a part of the Finnjumping tour in Sotkamo and Kai was at good 11th place...


Kai was jumping this days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen at COC... Yesterday at the first competition he was at a great 15. place! Today Kai was 17. at the second day...



Kai has began his training for a few weeks. But the first jumps would be in 2-3 weeks...


Today was the Quali for the competition on Sunday in Lahti. But Kai´s jump at 108m was only 2m to short to get the ticket for Sunday. So he was only at place 44....


Kai will be in the national group at Friday in Lahti!


Yesterday was the second competition in Brotterode. Kai was jump 96,5m and was in the end only at place 47...


Now Kai is at the COC in Brotterode. Today was the first competition, but Kai was with 100,5m at the 51. place...


Kai was this weekend at the Continental Cup in Kranj. But it wasn´t so good...he was only at place 45 and 56...


This week is over...and Kai can´t jump in Klingenthal in the 2. round. With his 104m he was only at place 47.
His jumps wasn´t really better in Willingen, the last station in Teamtour. With 122,5m was Kai at the 42. place...


Today was the Quali for the competition in Klingenthal. Kai was jumping 119m, which he is at place 27. So he will jump at the competition round tomorrow.



Kai was the last weekend in Bad Mitterndorf to skiflyling. But his jumps aren´t the best with 154,5m and 150,5m... So there wasn´t a chance to get points...


Today was the Qualifikation for Skiflying in Bad Mitterndorf and Kai was fly 152,5m at place 27 and will be in the competitions this weekend.


Today was the Final for the 4 Hills Tournament in Bischofshofen. Kai was jump only  106,5m today and was at place 49...


Today was the Qualifikation in Bischofshofen and Kai´s jump was better then in Innsbruck. He was with a jump at 119,5m at place 48 and will jump tomorrow vs. Michael Uhrmann. 


Kai was jumping at Qualifikation 113,5m, but there was only 1 point to go in the competition... So he was at place 43... He has at Tuesday a new chance in Bischogshofen.


The new year started good for Kai with a jump on 121m in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. But for sure Schlierenzauer was better in his battle and Kai was at place 37. 

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  19. November Rovaniemi (FIN) COC  
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  27.8.11 Habuka, SGP

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